Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, the CCPOM takes up the challenge!

Throughout the history of the Earth, climate change has always occurred. But the current increase in the quantity of greenhouse gases and the average temperature on Earth is unprecedented. Given the scale of the issue, we must realize that we are facing a major challenge: reducing greenhouse gas emissions without going back to the candle. To meet this challenge, the Community of Communes of the Pays Orne Moselle (CCPOM) has drawn up its draft territorial climate air and energy plan for 2021-2026.

What is our communication agency’s mission? To promote and inform citizens, companies, local authorities and other stakeholders in the region about this action plan so that this challenge becomes everyone’s business!


A brochure to inform

What could be better than a beautiful brochure to present the territorial climate and energy plan project of the Community of Communes of the Pays Orne Moselle? It highlights the assessment and diagnosis of the territory in terms of ecological impact and presents the 2021-2026 action plan. The latter concerns all the essential issues for the territory and its inhabitants. It is a real roadmap that unites people around concrete projects. The plan is broken down into 6 areas and sets out the context, intentions and challenges for each area, a description of the actions and the various partners. A brochure to communicate is fine, but a thematic event is better! Our team has therefore continued to accompany the CCPOM in this adventure…

An event must be prepared!

An event was therefore organised so that the CCPOM could present its territorial climate and energy plan project to institutions and local authorities. In order to prepare this event as well as possible, our team prepared a communication strategy and chose the appropriate communication media. We designed and printed the invitation cards and developed an online registration form. The Community of Communes could thus follow the registrations live. 4 thematic videos were produced by our team. We opted for Motion Design because this type of video facilitates the understanding and assimilation of the public by combining different elements. These animations were broadcast on the day of the event to illustrate each theme of discussion.
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visuel table ronde
visuel table ronde
visuel table ronde
visuel table ronde

A successful event

The guests were able to participate in 4 thematic round tables and exchange with experts in each field:
  • Round table #1: Climate change
  • Round table #2: Mobility
  • Round table #3: Renewable energies
  • Round Table #4: Sustainable Food
On the day of the event, our team took care of setting up the stage by placing the Roll Up previously designed by our graphic designers as well as the furniture rented for the occasion. Our experts also filmed the various round tables so that the CCPOM could broadcast the discussions of this event later!
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