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Since 1984, Déclic Communication adds Knowledge, innovations and breathing new life into your communication.

declic année 2021
The digital boom!

The health crisis has forced professionals to think differently about their communication and working methods. They have to reinvent themselves to continue their activity. Digital has therefore emerged as THE solution! Our agency Déclic Communication has experienced a strong demand in this field: website, social networks, online animation... Even events are reinvented!

Our team has also mobilized to support our merchants and craftsmen with the creation of online local information marketplaces! They can thus easily distribute their information and boost their sales even during this complicated period.

At the end of 2021, we feel a new dynamic: projects and events are starting again!

2020 declic communication ambitieuse
On the way to parity

In 2020, the world was marked by the health crisis, but Déclic was especially marked by the arrival of new energy in its team! Indeed, our agency has decided to continue to move forward, to develop innovative and creative projects while maintaining the integration of youth at the heart of these projects.

Our team has therefore welcomed Lise, digital communication project manager, and Constance, graphic designer. We now have total gender parity!

2019 nouvelles attitudes Déclic Communication
Heading towards new attitudes !

2019 is the year of new attitudes! The green attitude, the creative attitude, the digital attitude, the method attitude, the social attitude, the positive attitude, the dream attitude, the innovation attitude, the slow attitude...

Let’s adopt new habits and together develop the algorithm of success! Let’s head for a year full of exciting projects and successes!

talent et compétences connectés 2018
Connecting worlds

A real harmonisation is taking place between traditional and digital communication. Déclic Communication is becoming a true 360° communication agency. Our team attaches real importance to multi-channel communication.

Déclic dares creative madness

Déclic Communication announces a strong message: we must break with tradition and dare to communicate differently. The whole team accompanies advertisers towards a new way of communicating as well as in the digitalisation of their communication. A new skill specialising in a customised digital application has joined the team.



2016 déclic révèle votre force d'attraction
The Déclic team reveals your power of attraction

Déclic Communication continues to specialize in digital communication by integrating an additional resource dedicated to digital communication on social networks and website.

A bold a different year

Déclic communication wants to lead advertisers to success by developing new communication proposals. The agency extends its services to social networks, without putting aside more traditional communication. The agency combines various skills to create a global communication that performs well and ensures you a good visibility.

l'année des victoires declic communication
The year of victories

After a few difficulties and several years of hard work, the agency is back with more than positive results. The strategy we have put in place has borne fruit for Déclic Communication but also for our clients.

2013 imaginons un futur différent
Imagine a different future

The whole team was asked to think together about a different future for the agency. A restructuring of the offer was put in place to find new communication solutions. Our team uses new and more efficient tools, develops in digital and dares to be creative.

2010 renaissance de l'entreprise déclic communication
Our rebirth

The agency develops a new rebirth strategy and undergoes a partial reorganisation. Déclic Communication conquers new markets and new clients.

2009 révolution et indépendance déclic communication
Revolution and independance

With the involvement of the employees, the historical shareholders of Déclic Communication regain full control of the company’s capital. Déclic Communication leaves the Pierron Education Group and regains its independence and total autonomy of development. This change is a positive lever and a real opportunity for our partners who will discover the «New Déclic 2009» with more creativity, skills and a new product offer to serve the performance and results of its customers!

eco responsable declic 2008
Eco-responsible commitment

Save the planet and optimise costs... Déclic is committed to an eco-responsible approach to ensure the future of our children and at the same time optimise the costs of its clients’ communication campaigns.

espace client déclic communication
Launch of the customer area on our website

The company launches its customer area, a powerful solution for accessing information. This service intranet symbolises the proof by 5 of the company’s future objectives: Strategy - Innovation - Valorisation - Actions - Results.

The agency celebrates its 20th birthday!

The company’s 14 team members blow out the candles on the agency’s twentieth anniversary.

catalogue declic communication 2001
Acquisition of an innovative for the realization of catalogues

Déclic Communication acquires an innovative and pioneering system for the production of remote product catalogues. This «CATALLIANCE» software tool opens up new perspectives in the design and production of mail order and mail order catalogues. The number of employees increased and the company grew to become a leader in this field.

fort investissement en informatique
Major IT investments

The company passes the bug without a hitch and continues its development policy. Major investments are made in IT. The number of employees increases to 13.

1999 multimédia declic
Reinforcement for the multimedia and internet team

The company expands its «Multimedia and Internet» team with the integration of an engineer in charge of programming, computer development and relational databases (task automation). The company takes over the brands and equipment of the TORPEDO Agency, which is in liquidation.

association groupe pierron 1998 declic communication
Déclic Communication joins the PIERRON Group

Déclic Communication becomes the communication and multimedia subsidiary of the PIERRON group (the leading French manufacturer of educational and scientific material - 300 people - in Europe, and present in more than 120 countries worldwide). This merger marks the common interest of the two companies in the development of NTIC and more particularly multimedia educational products. In this new legal framework, Déclic Communication remains totally independent of the PIERRON group as far as its operations are concerned.

Creation of a multimedia departement

Technological progress, motivated by the objective of being ever more efficient, naturally leads to the creation of a Multimedia Department.

Commercial progress

The hiring of an executive in charge of developing the company’s commercial strategy boosts the turnover. This constant progression allows the workforce to grow from 5 to 7 people.

PAO déclic 1989
First P.A.O. workstation
As we enter the digital age, a true revolution in the graphic arts industry, we invest in our first professional workstation. The result is increased production capacity.
logo déclic communication fond gris
Change of legal status

Change in the legal form of the company. Déclic Studio becomes Déclic Communication S.A.R.L. The company’s activity evolves to become one of the first advertising consultancies in its territory with an integrated graphic design studio. The company’s workforce increases from 2 to 3 employees.

macintosh 1985 déclic communication
Acquisition of our first Macintosh

We took our first steps into the digital world with the acquisition of the very first Macintosh, the symbol of a whole generation of graphic designers.

Birth of Déclic Studio

Our agency, specialising in graphic design, was founded under the name Déclic Studio with, at the beginning, only one employee.

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