A team

bold, different and attractive

Skills, experience, ideas, an innovative approach and methods to develop the image, visibility and contacts of your company.

Sébastien ALBERT

Adopting a positive attitude to find attractive solutions. Always listening to you, his aim is to offer you a bold solution for your company in terms of communication. Multi-skilled, he also accompanies you for the logistic organisation of your events.

Constance MATZ

Designer of images and concepts corresponding to your values and ambitions. All with a touch of madness. Modern or original, she explores the fields of possibility to elaborate an attractive graphic universe around your company, your product, your event. Her goal? Design creative visuals to help you stand out.


Organizing and follow-up work of the production, based on processes that enable you to achieve your objectives. Her role is to control the production of your projects and to ensure good communication between you and our team. She accompanies the production of your projects.


Using social networks wisely to increase your visibility. As an expert in digital communication, she develops strategies on social networks to increase your visibility and your reputation. She animates and federates your communities on the Internet. She is a real mediator between you and your consumers.


Design innovative and daring concepts to make you stand out and make a difference. Dreamer and full of imagination, his aim is to offer you astonishing and different graphic creations in line with your values, your expectations and your ambitions. To transmit a message through a strong visual, to stage a concept, to transform your ideas into images... Creation on this planet is limitless.

Benoît BOUR

Enter a new era, innovate and program yourself to reach new goals. Developing, programming and managing are the watchwords on our developer’s planet. His goal is to offer you a web universe that reflects your company.


Unplug, take time to think and reflect to gain serenity. At the head of the agency, he devotes all his energy to the smooth running of the team and the projects. His goal is to understand your expectations, your needs, your desires... He will propose the best communication solution so that you can reveal your power of attraction.


Creating new contacts, setting up appropriate actions to expand our area of business. Her role is to explore new fields, but also to feed our social networks in order to attract the curiosity of our future projects. Customer relations are at the heart of his job.

Nathalie SOUDIER

Adopt an eco-responsible communication to take care of our planet. As an expert in SEO, she enhances the referencing of your websites, reviews your data, controls and manages the quality of the files.

An efficient, involved and structured company

Déclic Communication relies on the skills and talents of each employee to constantly surprise you.


Since 1984, a competent and committed team takes charge of your project and ensures your performance through a process combining expertise, creativity and involvement of all.

Déclic Communication gives birth to communication concepts on adapted media. Analyzing, advising, creating and acting are our strengths for an attractive and efficient communication.

Of course, the logic of progress and the historical reliability of our agency sublimates the creativity and ensures you the result.